Making Choices

Life is full of choices. I think today we have more choices in front of us than ever before because of the broken barriers to obtaining just about anything we want from anywhere in the world without difficulty. Think about it … Jobs, friends, material things, food choices, destinations and the list goes on.  I think life was simpler when there were less options available.  Now you can look at a million pictures on the Internet to choose what you think you want to duplicate on your own house. That causes problems for a company like ours for a few reasons.

Indecision from Too many choices that would work so people often become paralyzed with choosing one. In some cases they want to know about each one that you could take weeks just to provide a quote for each one and that is not really an expectation one should be placing on their contractor.  Tell your contractor what amount you would be open to spending, they can then limit your vast selection of million dollar pictures down to a group.

The final clean up for a jumbo flagstone patio.

Select your top two from the remaining group and then ask about the pros and cons. This should then help with selecting the right one for your budget.

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